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Youth bill on agenda

A PROPOSAL by Loddon youngsters will be debated when Victoria’s Youth Parliament sits this month.

Wedderburn’s Jake Murphy and Mia Braun, of Pyramid Hill, are part of the North Central LLEN team that has been told its Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality in Mining Bill has been included in the sitting’s agenda.

Jake said the local team looked at important issues in developing their bill.

“In the beginning stages, the hard part was finding an issue to tackle, finding issues that were important to us and to our rural communities here,” he said.

“However, like a lot of people our age we were concerned with global warming and pollution, and with multiple quarries in the regions, and core drillings revealing some promising outlook in the Loddon Shire, the team decided to tackle the process of encouraging more sustainable practices in the industry.”

The Youth Parliament bill includes clauses to establish an independent board regulating sustainable practices and the approval of mining leases and licenses and using revenue from mining to retrain mine operators to become qualified around rehabilitating of land after mining ends.


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