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Youngsters hatch plans to treat mums

MUMS be warned! Your children are preparing special treats to spoil you on Mother’s Day.

They’re hatching plans for everything from breakfast treats to special lunches and dinners, gifts to say thank you and spending another day creating memories and laughter.

Mother’s Day is when children put in the extra effort, looking for presents to express their love for the support mums give them every day.

Ruby Redpath has already spilled the beans on one special treat for mum Megan. The Laanecoorie youngster and her younger sisters Gracie and Nellie will get Megan’s day off to a super start with a freshly-prepared smoothie ... delivered straight from the kitchen to mum in the bedroom. They have other ideas, too, but those were a closely-guarded secret when enjoying time with mum at the chrysanthemum show in Laanecoorie’s hall at the weekend.

The three sisters will be heading off shopping for a special thank you gift for Megan before Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8.

And helping them for ideas will be the Loddon Herald’s special Mother’s Day feature showcasing the unique and local gifts available from local small businesses in the Loddon.

From flowers and hampers full of local products to clothing or special lunches and dinners, businesses in our 2022 feature and our regular advertisers in the pages of your local Loddon Herald, these great local businesses are the first place to look for a gift that shows your appreciation for what mum does every day.

“We like everything Mum does for us,” said Ruby, “thanking her every day.” “We love our mum,” the three youngsters said with beaming smiles.

And while Mother’s Day is one day of the year, it’s the day when we can all say an extra big thanks to a special person.


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