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We're proud to support Run for Resilience

THE first Active Farmers’ Run for Resilience will be held in Bridgewater on July 18.

Active Farmers is a national organisation commited to building stronger and more resilient rural communities by providing a proactive program, designed specifically to be routinely on the ground in small farming districts.

In the Loddon, weekly fitness classes are held and the run builds on the engagement with people from Loddon communities.

“We know there are significant benefits to both physical and mental health when we are physically fit and have a challenge to work towards,” said Bridgewater event organiser Claire Harrison. “This event will also provide the community with an opportunity to get together, have some fun and enjoy the community connection.”

The Loddon Herald is proud to be sponsoring Run for Resilience and each week we will publish a training schedule as you prepare for the run. See our online edition for your first week of training guides.

To register - https://www.activefarmers.com.au/runforresiliencebridgewater

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