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Wazza wanders through

WHEN Warren Wright hit the Loddon on Sunday afternoon, he was looking forward to roast dinner and a relaxing spa bath.

Wazza had spent the day walking 23km from Marong as he travels Australia raising awareness of mental health and supporting Beyond Blue.

He was met at the town’s football oval by Jany Clutton who answered the call to give Wazza a bed for the night before he set off for Wedderburn on Monday.

Wazza is continuing his trek along the Calder Highway and will arrive in Mildura by July 18.

“Beyond Blue was always there for me when I needed it the most, they were pivotal in providing assistance to help me get my mental health back on track,” Wazza said.

“I am walking 40,000kms around Australia to raise funds and awareness for mental health and Beyond Blue.

“The journey has had a few changes in recent months with all the border closures and restrictions as a result of COVID,” Wazza said.

A personal trainer who worked in the nursing industry for 26 years, Wazza left his Tamworth home last September and predicts it will take him three years “to complete the full lap of this incredible country of ours”.

Wazza describes himself as an adventurer and has already formed instant friendships, including quickly-assembled cheer squads as he left Loddon towns this week. He says “the support and encouragement means a lot”.

And he experiences that same support on the road. On Sunday, one traveller stopped with chocolate to keep Wazza’s energy levels high.

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