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Water safety plea

Goulburn-Murray Water wants visitors to its lakes, dams and reservoirs over

the Easter holidays to be safe on the water.

GMW water storage services general manager Martina Cusack encouraged holiday-

makers to take advantage of the many activities at its storages, but urged them to be

responsible on the water.

“The most common risky behaviours we see are speeding, not wearing lifejackets, boating

alone, not checking conditions or water levels before launching boats, drinking too much

alcohol, being unaware of hazards like submerged rocks, sandbars, trees, shallow water and

debris and diving from dam walls or ledges,” she said.

“We want visitors to enjoy themselves and have a wonderful Easter, but we want them to get

home safely.”

Ms Cusack also asked visitors to be conscious of the recreational by-laws.

“These are in place to keep you safe, improve your visitor experience, and to protect the

water quality and environment of our storages,” she said.

“It is prohibited to camp on the lake bed below the high water mark, regardless of the water

level, and campfires are prohibited in GMW recreation areas, foreshore and lakebed areas.

“There are no rubbish services available in GMW-managed recreation areas and foreshore

areas, so we have a carry-in, carry-out policy. Please be respectful of the environment and

others, and take your rubbish with you.”

People are also urged to avoid direct contact with water in storages where blue-green algae

has been detected.

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