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Watch alert for Berrimal fire

UPDATE 10.05pm: fires in the area now under control.


Watch and act alert has been issued for a fire at Berrimal.

The CFA says 19 units are now battling the fire that has burnt more than 60 hectares.

The alerts says to stay near shelter.

The fire is on Gowar-Berrimal Rd, Berrimal.

More details at http://emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/#!/warning/19561/moreinfo

This Watch and Act message is being issued for Berrimal, Nine Mile, Yawong Hills.

- There is a grassfire at Gowar-Berrimal Rd, Berrimal that is not yet under control.

- This grassfire is travelling in a northerly direction from Berrimal -Gower Road towards Berrimal.

- This grassfire could impact Berrimal within the next 20 minutes

Staying close to a building where you can shelter is the safest option, as conditions can change suddenly.

Continue to stay informed and monitor conditions.

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