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Walk, talk to see vision

By Cr Linda Jungwirth

I WELCOME the opportunity to write a column regarding the Tarnagulla Ward every few months and am pleased to have the Loddon Herald as our new local paper.

The paper provides a forum to keep us informed and I thoroughly enjoy reading it each week.

The last four months have kept me busy learning the ropes of council and working my way through plans and policies with my fellow councillors.

I hadn’t quite realised the importance of these documents and how much they guide us in what we are able to achieve, prior to becoming a councillor.

I invite everyone to get involved and have input whenever documents are put out for public comment. This will help us make decisions in line with your vision for our future.

I’ve loved meeting community members in our ward. As well as providing advocacy, I’ve met with several community planning groups.

The community planning walk-and-talks were an invaluable opportunity to learn what different communities have already achieved and what they would like to achieve in the future.

Kingower maintains a wonderful church that they regularly use for meetings and events and residents also gather in a central area in town. The area’s barbecue, rotunda and surrounding balustrades were constructed by people within their community. As well as being socially active, some residents are musical so they provide their own entertainment.

Kingower also have a cricket oval where they host junior cricket for their many members. They are proud of their active cricket club and the support they provide to the younger generation.

Eddington Community Planning Group are committed to keeping their town beautiful. The local historic buildings and the Loddon River certainly provide a picturesque environment.

Members of the community maintain the hall and have planted commemorative plants within the surrounding garden.

Eddington boasts a miniature railway and are hoping to soon build a community garden.

They also hold regular event within the town and are proud to have several businesses, some of which provide employment for locals.

Newbridge Community Planning Group members have a clear idea of how they see their future.

Committee members have developed an intensive plan which addresses safety, social activity, tourism and future infrastructure they would like to see in place.

Newbridge Recreation Reserve, which volunteers manage and is used for many purposes including football and netball, is a wonderful facility. The hotel is enjoying the patronage of locals and visitors now that our restrictions have lifted.

I look forward to watching the progress of these groups as their plans progress.

They keep Tarnagulla Ward vibrant and make our region an amazing place to live, work and visit.

Our other community planning groups are still developing their plans and I can’t wait to see their progress.

Sadly, Rheola was unable to host the Easter Carnival this year due to COVID concerns. Hopefully next year will see the popular event back for everyone to enjoy. They’ve been successfully hosting this event since 1871.

I am happy to help with any council related issues in the Tarnagulla Ward and am very interested in community viewpoints.

Cr Jungwirth is Loddon Shire

Council’s Tarnagulla Ward


Local councillors and MPs are providing regular columns for the Loddon Herald’s Local Perspectives to update readers on their activities.

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