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Vicky's new role

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

THERE is a new administrative structure for bowls in the region.

And Inglewood club treasurer Vicky Tierney is one of nine directors guiding Bendigo Campaspe Goldfields Bowls Region.

Vicky is also the only member representing one of the old Bendigo division’s smaller clubs in the new region that now stretches from Avoca to Deniliquin.

Vicky has also taken on the role of board treasurer.

She said the new structure aimed to improve governance of the sport in the regions and also reduce the commitment required of volunteers.

Vicky says she is determined to ensure the voice of small clubs continues to be heard leading up to the start of season 2021-2022 on October 16 and throughout her two-year term.

“For most bowlers, they will not notice any change under the structure. Pennant competitions will still be played in the local areas ... most of the changes are purely administrative,” she said.

“But it remains important to be out with the clubs and getting their feedback on what is happening.

“We must look at all levels of the sport in the region.”

Vicky said much time had been spent since the new region was created in July on rules and governance.

“And we’ve also been looking at a new region logo for our shirts,” she said.

Before the new regional structure, Vicky had spent two years involved at Bendigo division level.


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