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Verandah down, vine rises

Updated: Jun 9

THE 1930’s verandah of Inglewood’s Royal Hotel will be removed.

Loddon Shire councillors on Tuesday adopted a report that recommended the unsafe ver-andah can come down.

However, councillors also accepted recommendations from a heritage report that require the grapevine to be retained.

The verandah posts will also be retained at two metres in height and to allow for a future new verandah.

Cr Wendy Murphy told council she had spoken with members of Inglewood Historical Society and local residents.

Cr Murphy said they would prefer to keep the verandah but because of its condition, current access to the footpath around the building and danger to motorists, they understood the need for demolition.

It was best to work with the owner in the future to replace the verandah, Cr Murphy said.

Council operations director Steven Philips said the hotel was a prominent building of significant public interest.

Council’s planning permit also allows for painting and other works at the hotel. The 1864 hotel has been under a council building order because of the verandah’s condition with barricades erected.

Owners will be required to document and photograph the verandah, part of the heritage overlay of Brooke Street, before demolition. The two-year planning permit to owners Jika Jika requires pruning of the grapevine by a viticulturalist.

Currently closed, the Royal Hotel has been operating intermittently since the first COVID restrictions.

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