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Vax change mayhem

The State Government's changing of goalposts from today for hospitality venues as new milestones are reached in vaccination targets is causing mayhem across the Loddon.

While some hotels are again offering full dining service, the latest government mandate to have all staff double vaccinated has curtailed full re-opening for others.

The Newbridge Hotel today said: "Due to the premier's desire to change the rules, again, on short notice we will be staying as •10 inside and 20 outside•

"We need to do this to allow some of our staff … and also patrons time to get their second vaccinations. "We apologise for any inconvenience- but hey we don’t make the rules. Please address any complaints to Teflon Dan Parliament House Spring st Melbourne, we are sure he would love to hear from you."

And Bridgewater Bakehouse has said it is only continuing with takeaway service.

Owners Pat and Theresa O'Toole said: "Whilst we would love to welcome everyone back to enjoy your coffee and lunch at our tables, the mental health and well-being of our staff comes first. It has been a long and challenging 19 months and we still have people abusing our staff over wearing masks.

"Please also be advised that this post is in NO WAY supporting or opposing vaccination passports or the likes. We, as a business, are just trying to navigate the best outcome for both our staff and our valued customers.

"Bridgewater on Loddon has many places to walk, sit and relax along the river and you might even see a platypus or two.

"Rest assured we are doing everything we can to limit our exposure to the virus. All our staff are Vaccinated and have done so after making their own free choice to do so. Masks are a condition of entry (unless you state you have an exemption), QR Code is located in multiple areas for you to sign in or ask our staff to manually sign you in. Sanitiser is available inside for customers to use and we going above and beyond ensuring all high touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day, everyday."

Under the Government's vaccine mandates, businesses are required to check dining customers for QR code and double vaccination status.

If patrons' vaccination status cannot be verified, they are limited to pre-milestone caps.

Melbourne came out of lockdown at 11.59 last night but its residents are not allowed to travel into regional Victoria without authority,

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