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Vandals hit democracy: candidate

Independent Mallee candidate Sophie Baldwin has expressed sadness at the vandalism of her election signage.

Following damage to signs across the electorate she has made the following statement;

The cost to replace the signage that has been damaged is too great. This sort of behaviour has become the norm, encouraged by the way so many major party politicians speak about their opponents and are openly divisive and disrespectful. They are not entitled to the seat of Mallee, it is not ‘their’ seat they should welcome open debate and welcome the challenge of earning it.

Our campaign has neither the time or the finances so close to the election. Like all independent campaigns we run on the smell of an oily bike chain. So I’m calling on our supporters find anything pink tie it to your fence, your gate, your car or your bike just like mine and help show your support in silent protest, and when it comes election day let’s team together and make our voice heard all the way to Canberra.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing public from the kids through to the

grandmothers, the families, the farmers and community businesses who have funded our small campaign. I truly understand the value of these hard-earned dollars and what your sentiments mean. I have been overwhelmed by your support.

Running a political campaign is extremely hard and we rely so heavily on these very kind

donations. We don’t have the advantages of incumbency with its generous wages and travel

allowances and opportunities for announcements, we don’t have access to the bottomless pits of major party funds or their resources and paid staff. We simply rely on a wonderful group of volunteers and supporters, and it really upsets me when their signage supporting my campaign is vandalised and destroyed

We are so lucky to live in Australia, where we have a democracy and where people have been allowed the right to support their chosen candidates and when this kind of action happens it is disgusting.”

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