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Under lights tonight

BOORT Magpies play their senior North Central league game tonight under lights.

The Pies will host Wycheproof Narraport for the night game.

Other matches start this afternoon.

Here's how Boort's season breakthrough win unfolded last week:

ON A day Charlton celebrated former captain and three-time premiership player Daniel Thiesz’s 250-game milestone, the Boort Magpies swooped in to put a dampener on the day.

Played in brilliant sunshine, on a beautifully presented Charlton Park surface, both teams were looking to score the first win of their respective seasons.

Charlton had an almost unprecedented seven changes to the previous week’s team, notably, Jed Thompson returned for his first game since injury in almost three years, and was a welcome inclusion down back, releasing Cobi Fitzpatrick from full-back and into the ruck for the first time this season.

Aaron Walklate also returned after a week in the saddle of the road bike, riding to raise funds in the annual “Ride for Lily”, this year accompanied again by brother Ben, and former Charlton player Daniel Zagame.

The early going saw the teams feeling each other out, patches of swift ball movement, interspersed with kicks missing targets and hard balls to be won.

Charlton youngster Nick Thompson returned from under16 Pioneers’ commitments to play his second game of senior football, and opened the scoring with a set shot behind.

Boort returned fire, a flying shot from Cody Gunn just missing, before Boort through Chris Hatcher was able to put the first major on the board – courtesy of a dubious free kick, and even more controversial 50 metre penalty.

When Ben Roberts stuck his head over the footy and convert-

ed the resultant free, the game was on an even keel.

Boort ruckman Nathan Twigg was giving his onballers first access to the ball, and weight of numbers led to the Magpies kicking two late goals in the quarter, the first after another marginal 50-metre penalty.

The game opened up a little in the second term, as both teams took the game on a little more. Boort’s onballers, Mathew Chisari and Samuel Green working well with Twigg continually drove the Magpies into attack.

Heading into overtime of the second quarter it looked like Charlton had wrestled the momentum away from Boort, however, young Magpie Frasier Holland stood tall up forward to kick the last two goals of the quarter and ensure the Boort side would enjoy a 21-point buffer heading into the main break.

Hostilities resumed in the third quarter, Alex Davis was holding the Boort defence together strongly, continually repelling Navy thrusts forward, while teammate Jarrod Starr was winning plenty of the ball on his wing and providing an avenue to attack through.

The quarter was played mainly between the arcs, with neither side really able to get the game on its own terms.

Veteran Aaron Walklate was giving tremendous drive after being moved on to the ball, and when Bailey Kemp kicked two goals in the space of a few minutes, the Charlton faithful again found their voice.

As had happened in the first two quarters, though, Boort weathered that storm to add a couple more of its own and extend the lead out to a game high 28 points.

With the game still in reach, Charlton shifted milestone man Dan Thiesz into the middle with immediate effect. Five minutes into the final quarter, hunting and surging the ball as they had not done all game, Charlton found its mojo and mounted a spirited comeback, Thiesz kicking his first, brother Riely his third, and as Sean O’Connor’s second of the quarter sailed through, the Navies had remarkably hit the front.

A clash of heads between two spirited combatants halted the game, and Charlton’s momentum.

An errant kick at half-forward from the Navies, saw Boort take advantage, sweeping the ball into its front half for a rare appearance, a rushed shot on goal resulting in a behind, tying up the scores with only a couple of minutes left.

Boort played determined football in those dying minutes, its forwards working overtime to ensure the ball did not leave its scoring zone.

Finally the Magpies managed a scrambled shot on goal that wobbled through for the match winning behind – the siren sounding shortly after, denying 250-gamer Daniel Thiesz a fairytale finish.

This Saturday, Boort is at home to Wycheproof Narraport, the senior match being played under lights.

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