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Trevor chipping away

TREVOR Playdell has been digging for gold in the Wedderburn bush for the best part of 40 years.

For half that time, Trevor has called the town home after checking out other destinations where he could strike it lucky in the search for gold.

On Saturday, he was among the 250-plus detectorists out in bushland, hoping for a beep that would signal detector down and pick in hand to scratch below a surface that has revealed gold since at least the 1850s.

He was also hoping to find one of the jamboree competition keys buried around Hard Hill that would give him entries in the major prize draw.

“I usually manage to find two or three (keys) every year. Six was my best year though,” he said.

This year, Trevor was on par with two keys added to the major prize draw.

And again, no luck picking up the new detector prize for the local.

“I’ll keep trying,” he said with a glint glistening almost as brightly as the gold he and fellow detectorists chase in the local bush.

“The jamboree is a wonderful event, very well organised, good prizes and well catered for,” he said.

“Perhaps after COVID, it explains the exceptional turn out this year with everyone just pleased to be out and about.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to will be back next year.”

Until then, Trevor says he’ll keep scouring bushland across the Loddon trying to find gold.

“The best year I ever had was about 15 ounces for the year. That was around the time I was touring around and stopped here ... and stayed here,” he said.

“It’s getting harder to find gold I reckon but it’s out there.”

Trevor did take some time out at the weekend from his gold hunt.

He swapped detector and pick for stick and shovel to keep the eucalyptus pot burning and scent of gum leaves wafting across Hard Hill reserve. - CHRIS EARL




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