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Treechangers drive prices

HOUSE prices in the Loddon have jumped more than $100,000 in three months.

Latest Real Estate Institute of Victoria statistics have the average house price at $330,000 in a jump local agents say has been triggered by treechangers moving from Melbourne and other large cities.

And the jump in property prices is even greater over the last 12 months, almost 80 per cent.

Greg Fathers, an estate agent in the Loddon for 35 years, said properties were being snapped up within two weeks of listing.

“Most of the buyers are middle aged couples from Melbourne seeking a rural lifestyle, safety and security, a desire to belong and become part of a community, away from the threat of a lockdown and social unrest in many of the cities suburbs,” he said. “The local facilities including hospitals, doctors, supermarkets, schools, a diverse range of retail and trades persons have enticed dozens of Melbourne buyers to sell up, buy a home here for $200,00 to $250,000.

“The balance of their sale funds from Melbourne is used as a nest egg and to fund their new country lifestyle.

“Prices are increasing in the towns and now is the time to consider your sales options while there are eager buyers actively looking.”

Julie Benaim, of Priority1 real estate, said properties were bringing unbelievable prices

“Not only are they selling they are moving fast. Last week I put a house on the market on the Friday and it was sold by the Sunday for $8000 more than the listing price,” she said.

“Land is also bringing top prices either for broad acreage or smaller blocks.”

Julie said there had been a sudden emergence of younger people looking to move to the Loddon.

“There is now a younger group, not necessarily retirees, which is great for our community. People find it an easy drive to Bendigo for work and they now realise that they can also work from home and commute to the office once a week or month when needed.

“They have the best of both worlds, country living at its best plus, work and city life when they feel like it with the bonus of cheap housing compared to city prices,” Julie said.

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