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Tree concerns grow

VORACIOUS corellas have already destroyed trees along Bul-a-Bul Creek as they now devour Loddon River red gums, said

Inglewood’s Kevin Poyser.

His concern for the health of riverbank trees at Bridge-

water comes as hotel owners Greg McKinley and Virginia Hyland last week raised alarm at the damage being done and the risk to river health.

And local farmers have told the Loddon Herald that crackles of corellas are also ripping ground grain storage covers to shreds as they viciously search for food.

Mr Poyser said he feared for the condition of river trees in even two years after seeing the damage along the nearby Bul-a-Bul Creek.

“A lot of trees are dying from the top down,” he said. “The amount of dead wood just has to be seen to realise what is happening ... it’s just out of this world the amount of birds there.

“I do believe the population of corellas in the district is taking off and will risk the river and its amenity.” Mr Poyser backed up Mr McKinley with his estimate of thousands of corellas every day, perched both sides of the Loddon River.

“I wouldn’t like to be trying to grow a fruit and vegetable garden in the area,” he said.

Mr Poyser said there were some trees along Bul-a-Bul Creek totally stripped of leaves.

Loddon Shire last week said it had asked the Municipal Association of Victoria to advocate for measures to control corellas. The MAV did not respond to inquiries on what action it had taken.

Australian Native Parrot Protection Association in a letter published in today’s Loddon Herald has urged council to consult Bird Advocacy Foundation on the control of corellas.


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