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Town's enterprise bid

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

A NEW community enterprise shop is planned for Pyramid Hill’s former maternal child health building.

Loddon Shire Council on Tuesday agreed to make the disused Kelly Street building available to the Mix Bag@Pyramid Hill enterprise.

Wellbeing director Wendy Gladman said a group of local community members had approached officers with a community enterprise proposal to establish a “share shop” business and wanting the building retained for community use.

Terrick Ward councillor Dan Straub said the request showed a group that wanted Pyramid Hill to prosper and be provided with new opportunities.

The group plans repairs totalling more than $12,000 to the building in two stages before opening the enterprise. Works include replacement of the floor, painting and a new toilet with funds sought through grants.

The new store will focus on attracting grey nomads to the area and where homemade crafts, fresh produce and quality vintage goods will be sold, according to the group’s business plan.

Council’s agreement for the not-for-profit social enterprise to use the building has six conditions.

These include ending of the expired memorandum of understanding with the Pyramid Hill, Neighbourhood House, continued access to the Men’s Shed by future users of that facility, use at no cost to council and that the operating model remain as a not- for-profit community enterprise

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