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Tournament cancelled

THE region’s premier darts tournament has been cancelled for 2021 after organisers were unable to gain answers from Health Department officials.

Loddon Darts Association contest director Robert Day said the Gold Fossickers Cup scheduled for Wedderburn this month would not be held.

“The executive had to make the tough call to call off our upcoming Gold Fossickers Cup, the decision was made because we couldn’t get a definitive answer from health officials,” he said.

“It does hurt us now that Victorian Government has pretty much opened regional back up, it hurts because we have lost so much financial benefit heading into our small local community.”

However, he said the association was hopeful the White 20 tournament could still be held in early December.

And, weekly competition has returned for the association after the recent lockdown and no play for a month..

Last week’s play now leaves just this week’s games before the finals.

The upset of the round saw the Arrows defeat second on ladder BCs 5-2, maybe the win wasn’t the upset but the end score was very surprising

Highlights of this match were John Griffin with six tons while association president John Van de Ven had a 66 peg.

Closest match of the round was Gold Diggers defeating the Scullywags 4-3, highlight of this match was the closeness of the match, all darts were under pressure and the top team scrapped in with the win.

The final match saw Empire Staters defeat Chuckers 6-1, this match was played in great spirit with lots of laughs and also some great darts thrown,

Highlights for this match was Matt Day hitting a magnificent 117 peg in the last singles match (a new high for season).

Unfortunately for Matt his brother Robert Day hit a 123 peg in the family game to snatch the high peg off him. Robert also had a 17-dart game and a 180.

State of play as clubs head into the final round: Scullywags win 6, for 40, against 44; Empire Staters 5, 35, 42; Arrows 7, 40 37; Gold Diggers 10, 51, 26; Chuckers 3, 31, 46; St Arnaud RSL 0, 28, 49, BCs 7, 43, 29.


In this week’s Victoria Hotel Pyramid Hill competition, first round winners were Cathy Brodie, Genevieve Trice, Hafyq Nasharuddin, Steve Roberts, Rob Peter and Charmaine Worth

Final round winners Genevieve Trice, Steve Roberts and Charmaine Worth

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