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Toughest fine claim

The State Government has today claimed legislation passed in Parliament to deter trespassing on farms to be the toughest in Australia.

The Government says the Livestock Management Amendment (Animal Activism) Act 2021 recognises the significant biosecurity risks that breaches from animal activists can pose and will deter behaviour that puts the hard work of our farmers and agricultural businesses at risk.

According to the Government:

Those who fail to comply will face on-the-spot fines of $1272 for an individual and $8178 for an organisation, the toughest fines in Australia.

Further penalties of up to $10,904 for an individual and up to $54,522 for an organisation could apply for more serious offending.

Farmers seeking to better protect their animals can implement a biosecurity management plan (BMP) which can include measures such as requiring consent before anyone can access their property. Biosecurity breaches by trespassers can put human and animal health at risk.

These new measures are part of the Labor Government’s response to the Inquiry into the Impact of Animal Rights Activism on Victorian Agriculture. The Government supported 13 of the report’s 15 recommendations in full including the creation of BMPs and subsequent penalties for those who fail to comply.

Peak industry bodies which represent farmers and agribusinesses, as well as animal welfare organisations were consulted during the development of this legislative framework and will be further engaged as the regulations are finalised.

The new arrangements will come into effect later this year.

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