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Tight at top

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

WEDDERBURN is on top of the North Central netball ladder after a blistering and electric encounter with Boort.

The Redbacks were two goals up when the siren sounded in the A Grade match at Donaldson Park.

Goalkeeper captain Courtney Gleeson and goal defence Maddi Postle were best for the home side in the one-versus-two contest.

Little separated the league’s leading sides at quarter time but the Redbacks skipped away to a seven-goal lead at the main break.

But the Pies kept coming in the second half where wing defence Grace Hosking and goal defence Kath Lanyon were to the fore turning over play.

Redbacks’ coach Meg Lockhart: “We knew it was going to be a big game.

“We were happy with our work in defence, getting turn-overs and making the most of spoils,” she said.

“We could have converted a few more but Boort is a good side.

“It was good to have a great game where we had to keep pushing hard right to the end.”

Meg said the Redbacks were pleased with their work in defence and attacked and would keep ironing out “the little things” in coming weeks.

With coach Georgia Haw unavailable, Boort was steered by Georgia Sheehan who said the encounter perfectly reflected the ladder standings of the two teams.

“We push each other all day and saw how well the girls can handle the pressure in an intense game between two strong sides,” Georgia Sheehan said.

“We have a few players pregnant this season so it’s good to see some of our B Grade players coming up.

“We were down by seven at half time and we weren’t quite ourselves. The intensity and fight in the third and fourth quarters was certainly promising.”

The A Grade scoreline was mirrored in other grades where in the two-versus-three B Grade clash Wedderburn won by three and in C Grade, third-versus-four, Boort won by two.

The Redbacks and Pies meet again on July 31 when players unavailable at the weekend are expected back in the lineups.

And on the weekend’s A Grade form, are likely to be there in September for contesting the ultimate prize.

Meanwhile in Loddon Valley netball, Calivil United had an emotional win over Newbridge 54-29.

The match was a tribute to former Demon player and coach Katrina Gee who passed away last week after a battle with breast cancer.

Players from both sides observed a silence before the match.

The win has the Demons in third position on the A Grade ladder, percentage ahead of Bridgewater who take on the undefeated Mitiamo this Saturday.

For the Superoos, it will be their first game in a month after COVID restrictions and the bye.

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