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‘Sport’ on the skids

Sir, If you want a balanced assessment of duck shooting, you should probably consult more widely than the president of the Victorian Duck Hunters’ Association (Season’s final haul, Loddon Herald June 17.

Dan Straub seems to imply that our native ducks are pests, destroying grain crops. That new angle sounds like a desperate ploy from those who realise their “sport” is on the skids. Public opinion has turned against the duck shooters.

Shotgun pellets do appalling damage but don’t necessarily kill the ducks, leaving them to suffer. Duck populations are in long-term decline. Even in good conditions, the waterbird ‘rebound’ is weaker than in previous decades.

Orchardists use nets instead of shooting birds. We need to co-exist with wildlife. When it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Sam Williams

Red Hill

Hear no more

Sir, The short news story last week quoting the duck hunters’ association is hopefully the last we’ll hear from them (Loddon Herald June 17).

It says it all. That there’s a few who believe it is a person’s right to enjoy blasting small animals out of the sky, a large number to be left wounded and with their frail bones broken. If it were swans there’d be a huge outcry.

This expression of machismo might appeal to some, but for many it’s a remnant from darker times.

Surely there’s a less violent and cruel way to enjoy some recreation in nature. If people can only enjoy nature by killing it, it’s a sad reflection on those doing it, and the government that allows it.

Merv Ford


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