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Sweating on results

BOORT-YANDO will be sweating on the results from today's Upper Loddon senior cricket.

Undefeated in past month, Boort-Yando has the bye today and need results to go the right way to keep things on track for a finals' appearance.

Last week's scoreboards

Bridgewater lost to Arnold


T McKinley c M Dale b J McHale 0

PB Murphy lbw B Power 3

D Wood c A Davies b C Dale 21

S Harrison c P Scholes b B Power 1

H McKinley c P Scholes b J McHale 35

C Pickering c P Scholes b M Dale 22

K Bloom not out 6

T Naughton run out (P Scholes) 0

Extras 9

Total 7/97 (cc)

Bowling: J McHale 7.0-3-2-19, B Power 7.0-1-2-17, HR McCullough 2.0-0-0-12, R Metelmann 6.0-2-0-16, C Dale 7.0-3-1-12, M Dale 6.0-2-1-20.


P Scholes lbw b Bloom 9

HR McCullough b D Wood 27

C Dale c & b PB Murphy 9

R Metelmann not out 22

C Anderson not out 15

Extras 16

Total 3/98 (cc)

Bowling: K Bloom 7.0-0-1-17, D Wood 7.0-1-1-21, H McKinley 1.0-0-0-13, PB Murphy 7.0-3-1-8, T McKinley 6.0-1-0-28, T Naughton 2.0-1-0-3.

KIngower drew with



M Rowe lbw A Knight 63

J Leach c F Holland b F Bear 28

K Simpson c B Minogue b F Bear 7

N Leach c J Hodoras b F Bear 4

W Deason c A Cockerell b B Minogue 1

BC Pickles run out (J Hodoras) 2

T Nunn lbw A Cockerell 8

B Wilson b A Cockerell 0

B Rose not out 4

L DeJong not out 1

Extras 20 Total 8/138 (cc)

Bowling: J Hodoras 7.0-0-0-26, F Bear 7.0 0-3-29, A Cockerell 7.0-0-2-17, D Crilly 7.0-2-0-19, A Knight 2.0-0-1-13, B Minogue 5.0-0-1-31.


A Knight c L McNeil b K Simpson 17

J Smith b N Leach 59

F Bear b N Leach 0

B Minogue c J Leach b N Leach 0

A Cockerell b B Rose 1

F Holland c BC Pickles b B Wilson 6

J Hodoras c J Leach b L DeJong 26

D Crilly not out 19

G Zanker run out (B Wilson) 1

J Knight not out 0

Extras 9

Total 8/138 (cc)

Bowling: J Leach 1.0-0-0-6, N Leach 7.0-0-3, K Simpson 7.0-3-1-22, L DeJong 6.0-1-1-22, B Rose 4.0-0-1-16, BC Pickles 6.0-0-0-24, B Wilson 4.0-0-1-23.

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