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Survey helps connections

A COMMUNITY survey on mental health during COVID will help guide strategies to keep people connected.

Loddon Shire’s director community wellbeing Wendy Gladman said the survey throughout February was important for receiving community feedback.

“We are talking to people in our communities and want to hear what has been happening for them, how they have been impacted throughout the COVID response and restrictions,” she said.

“We can then look into actions to more support the community, getting people reconnected with local groups.”

Wendy said there had been anecdotal information that some people were still hesitant to resume local activities.

“At the moment there are still some restrictions for some groups ... and people’s habits change over time,” she said.

“We’re hoping people do again make these community connections, maintain connections and that they don’t fall away.”

“We are encouraging people to let us know how they have been impacted and also how they have gone about maintaining good mental health.”

Council’s Mark Gibson started visiting towns across the Loddon last week conducting face-to-face surveys while residents can also complete the survey online.

The survey continues throughout February.

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