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Support lake concept

Sir, would encourage the Boort community to support the Lake Boort Scarred Tree Masterplan.

This will be so important for Boort in future years. As my father said, who was a very wise man “Very few people can see progress until it happens”.

I remember when we tried to get a walking track around Little Lake Boort, Stage 2 being Lake View Street. Almost everyone thought that the walking track should go along the path near the houses, another suggestion was for it to go along the road edge.

Cathie and I wanted it to be along the lake edge for an experience for the walkers, so we pegged the proposed track out.

John McLinden (the then-shire CEO) came along while everyone was present and said “whoever put these pegs in, that’s where the track should go”. The walking track has since been a huge success, with over 100 people walking it every day.

It is not that many years ago that duck shooting was prohibited on Little Lake Boort, under much protest from shooters. Can you imaging duck shooting returning to Little Lake Boort?

There is quite a large portion of our community that don’t understand the importance of our unique Aboriginal History, some of the most significant in Australia. It is important to get accurate information out to the public.

At this stage there has been very little promotion for the Lake Boort Scarred Tree Masterplan with just one significant article in the Loddon Herald.

In my opinion it is important to have a walking track right around Lake Boort with a board walk over the Kinypanial Creek, this track would be almost 8km long. There are already people walking around the lake most days.

With the full supply level being lowered in recent years, means that pedestrians would soon be able to use the track after a flood. On the east side there is an ugly channel that is used to fill dams, which could be filled in with a small amount of Granitic sand placed on top for a walking track, solving a lot of problems in one go.

I must point out that Lake Boort is only expected to flood once in fifteen years, in the past the lake flooded one in three years.

The first public meeting was stacked with duck Ssooters and the second meeting was stacked with anti-duck shooters as a result, which has not helped the project. Even though I believe that the gun lobby and tourism do not mix.

In 2013 and experimental plot of trees was planted in Lake Boort and survived the 2016 flood.

In 2017-18 another 1,000 Red Gums were planted in Lake Boort. This project has been so successful, now some of the trees are over four metres tall.

It is planned for the next flood or environmental flow another 6000 red gums will be planted as the water recedes.

This project will reduce the fire hazard significantly, store carbon, create a new batch of trees that will become hollow for bird habitat and a better experience for walkers.

Please remember that Lake Boort was a solid red gum forest up until 1900.

I was a volunteer in the Wedderburn Information Centre for many years, the most common question asked was, “Where are the walking tacks in the shire?”

E-bikes are becoming very popular with retirees and are now looking for somewhere to ride, that is why rail trails are becoming very popular now.

I can see the importance of a decent track in Lake Boort with signage or an App. to learn about the rich Aboriginal history.

The track can be added to over the years, just like we have achieved in Little Lake Boort.

Please support this project and send your ideas to the consultants.



EDITOR’S NOTE: The Loddon Herald continues to seek information from consultants on the masterplan concepts.



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