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Stumble at final hurdle

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

CALIVIL have fallen short in its bid to win the Bendigo Bowls Division 5 pennant.

Saturday’s grand final against White Hills at South Bendigo started ahead of the scheduled time but the early bowling did not go Calivil’s way.

Only Alan Leech’s rink was able to notch up a win with John Pickles skippering his rink a tie.

The final score was White Hills 97 to Calivil’s 66.

Colin Sleep, Bill Sertori, Wesley McCumber, John Pasternak (s) tied with Nathan Dennis, Brian May, Warren Miles, John Pickles (s) 21-21.

Evan Jardine, Malcolm Zadow, Ted Liddell, Des Fiedler (s) 25 d Bob Boyd, Howard Miles, Lindsay Gronow, Barry Meighan (s) 14.

Peter McGuire, Alan Wakefield, Steven Arbuckle, Trevor Lamb (s) 34 d Ron Lourie, Geoffrey Lourie, Keith Richards, Graham Maxted (s) 12.

Roslyn Sheen, Luigi Charles Basile, John Rothacker, Glenda Jones (s) 17 lost to Glenn Ray, Allan Dennis, John Gled-hill, Alan Leech (s) 19.

Following the weekend finals, it is expected that Inglewood will retain its place in Division 1 for next season.

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