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Spring rains just right

RAIN across the Loddon in recent days has given farmers the mid-spring falls needed for crop growth.

Victorian Farmers’ Federation Wedderburn branch president Graeme Nesbit said most areas of the Loddon had received about 50mm in the final days of September and early October.

““It was timely rain ... really good although it was left right until the last minute,” Graeme said.

“The cooler weather conditions are good for pasture growth and it will also give those late-sown crops that had been struggling the chance to catch up.

“This is ideal spring weather across the Loddon, from the northern plains to the southern highlands.”

Graeme said conditions meant that there would not be an early start to harvest this season.

“We’re certainly looking at mid to late-November harvest if these weather conditions continue,” he said.

“They (weather forecasters) were predicting a wet spring and it look’s like they may have got it right. Rain at this time of year is always a bonus.”

Graeme said the rains may, however, create challenges for haycutters.

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