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Speed limit ire

A STATE Government proposal to slash speed limits on country roads to 80kmh has drawn the ire of Ripon MP Louise Staley.

The Government at the weekend said it would support a Parliamentary inquiry recommendation to cut the limit on roads where upgrading infrastructure or installing barriers was not an option.

But Ms Staley said country roads should be fixed.

“Country motorists deserve a high level of roads just like city motorists do,” she said.

“It is unacceptable for the Government to just propose to just cut the speed limits rather than fix the roads which any country motorist will tell you are in the worst condition they have been in for decades

“If they (the Government) weren’t wasting billions of dollars on cost overruns on their Melbourne projects, the money would be there.

“A fraction of that could be spent fixing our country roads,” Ms Staley said.

The Government says roads with high traffic volumes would be be considered for priority upgrade funding

A network safety plan will identify infrastructure improvements and those which can have their speed limits lowered will be completed by the Department of Transport in the next two years.

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