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Shoo! Anger at activists

MELBOURNE and interstate kangaroo activists have bombarded local communities in a last-minute push against kangaroo meat processing in the Loddon.

The animal rights campaigners have emailed Loddon businesses and organisations wanting to abort the creation of an initial 10 jobs processing the animals for pet meat at the site of the former abattoir in Inglewood.

But the message from many district residents has been a resounding “shoo off” to activists.

They have taken to social media telling the activists that kangaroos are a pest to local farmers and drivers on Loddon roads.

Hayden Steel said: “I’m all for it. Better to see them being used than wasted in the paddock feeding foxes. More jobs for town and the local community.”

Betty Jackel said of the plan by Campaspe Meats to initially process up to 1000 kangaroos a week: “What a wonderful idea. Kangaroos definitely need to be culled and also would create employment.”

And Robert Day said: “Surely all the people against this ain’t from Inglewood or surrounding district, Surely this is great for town.”

Melbourne activist Alyssa Wormald, a university administration officer and outer east resident, teamed with Adelaide author and clairvoyant Robyn Opie Parnell last week to start the campaign.

Bendigo Animal Welfare and Community Services also shared an online petition created by the activists.

When contacted for comment by the Loddon Herald, the service disconnected the phone call but later issued a statement.

“We have received a lot of abuse this morning regarding this matter and are not engaging further apart from providing this statement and confirming we will continue to put our support behind stopping this facility start up,” the service said.

Ms Wormald said her campaigners disagreed with kangaroo culling quotas set by state governments, including Victoria and South Australia, and wanted kangaroos to be the focus of tourism in the Loddon.

The campaigners claim kangaroo populations in parts of Victoria would be wiped out within weeks if harvesting and processing were allowed and disagree with official Victorian Government population statitistics for the animal.

“There are more jobs by embracing native animals,” said Ms Wormald who has previously been part of campaigns against duck shooting and to save parrots.


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