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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

By Tracey Wilson

A TRANSFORMATION of Inglewood and Districts Health Service commenced in 2017, with the arrival of a new executive team including myself, and the Director Clinical and Community Services, Dallas Coghill.

Located in Inglewood, but working across the southern half of the Loddon region, all parts of IDHS services, programs and purpose have been reviewed, refreshed and refocussed over the past three years to make sure we meet the needs of our community now and into the future.

One of the first changes implemented in 2017, was the relocation of community based staff to the front of the building so they are accessible when you arrive.

Our staff are our most valuable resource, and we have expanded the staff group including allied health, increased the graduate nurse program and provided a broad range of professional development for all staff.


We also acknowledge and value the experience of our staff, with many skilled, dedicated and committed staff providing invaluable service to our community over many years.

The focus, approach and dedication of all members of the IDHS team over the past year, and, in the face of COVID-

19 has been outstanding.

As a reflection of the profile IDHS has developed as a collaborative and supportive partner in the region, and a willingness to be part of new initiatives, programs and directions in health and wellbeing, IDHS was excited to be one of the first health services that commenced the Pfizer vaccination program on March 1.

During 2020, IDHS worked tirelessly, wearing PPE every day, to keep our residents and patients safe. COVID required significant changes to how we worked, the team developed and implemented a range of activities for our residents, as well as changing our interaction with community based clients.

Virtual meeting platforms made sure families and friends stayed connected, when they could not visit in person. For some their role completely changed, but they adjusted and got on with the job of caring.

The staff are an inspiration to me as their CEO every day. IDHS is not an island and has strong and collaborative partnerships with other health services locally and across the region, bringing services as close as possible to our community.

Working to empower our community we have introduced new programs and initiatives for the broader community.

During the past three years IDHS has focussed on engaging with the community, participating and presenting events and activities for people of all ages including the Wedderburn Splatter Run, supporting Inglewood Alive and Rheola Carnivals (pre-COVID of course) and in late 2019 IDHS launched our Annual Charity Golf Day. This was a huge success bringing new supporters together for an enjoyable day.

The funds raised purchased new beds to meet the increasing need of our residents. Importantly this work also makes sure that every member of the community knows who we are and what we do.

The expansion of community-based services has been a focus, knowing that prevention and early support and care keeps people out of hospital, within their home, family and community.

This leads to better health outcomes. In recent years we have been successful in recruitment and funding submissions, allowing expansion of services and refreshing facilities for our patients, residents and staff.

Our building may have stood since the Victorian gold rush of the 1860s, but the service delivery that emanates from within is contemporary and fit for purpose in the current day.

Fresh feel

Thanks to some painting and slight refurbishment, it may be an old building but it has a fresh feel when you arrive.

As the CEO, I hope that you have seen an improvement in many aspects of our service over the past three years, after all, we are here for you.

If you want to tell us how we can do better, please feel free to contact us. If you want to join us as a volunteer, we would be delighted to welcome you to the team at IDHS.

IDHS is delivering health care in Loddon in partnership with you, our community.

* Tracey Wilson is chief executive officer of Inglewood and Districts Health Service

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