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Security beefed up

COMMUNITY protection has been ramped up in the Loddon with installation of new security cameras.

Compliant technology has been installed in the main street of Pyramid Hill, at Bridgewater railway station and Campbell’s Forest Hall.

Pyramid Hill traders paid for the town’s new cameras that now include number plate recognition technology.

“We upgraded the security system as a further deterrent and to help keep the town safe,” said businessman Nev Miller, who is also president of the town’s progress association. “There’s total coverage of all business areas in all directions.”

The upgrade was prompted by occasional spates of criminal damage or activity in the area.

Local policeman Sen. Constable Jeff Saville said: “It’s a good thing (the camera upgrade) and benefits the security of the town and has been all community funded.”

Sen. Constable Saville said footage had detected a vehicle allegedly used in multiple attempts to steal petrol last week. Inquiries are continuing on those incidents.

Recent vandalism and burglary has also prompted installation of security cameras at Bridgewater and Campbell’s Forest.

Cameras at the former Bridgewater railway station being turned into a community hub also cover the adjoining primary school precinct.

A break-in at Campbell’s Forest hall earlier this year has seen security cameras recently installed around the hall..

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