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Seasonal worker accommodation

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

BOORT Lakes Caravan Park will expand its on-site accommodation to house seasonal workers on the district’s agricultural properties.

The $1.2 million project will see erection of 16 new cabins, renovations to some existing cabins to include ensuites and improvements to carparking and park infrastructure.

Owner Wendy James said expansion would assist major local companies to accommodate seasonal staff for harvests and boost permanent staff at the park by three.

Wendy said increased capacity at Boort Lakes would help meet growing seasonal workforce requirements for major growers including Boundary Bend Olives and Orana Olives.

“It’s also going to be a huge boost for Boort itself,” she said..

“Growers are going to need a larger seasonal workforce for longer periods as their production increases,” Wendy said.

“This will bring huge benefits to the Boort and district community. It’s a pretty exciting time.”

Boort Lakes Caravan Park last week received confirmation of a $500,000 State Government grant towards the project that will increase accommodation for seasonal workers by 77.

Agriculture Minister Mary-Ann Thomas made the announcement last Thursday and later released details of her visit and the grant to local media.

Further north, Nyah Village Caravan Park will receive $109,000 to provide COVIDSafe accommodation for up to 15 additional seasonal workers.

The minister’s media release said: “Suitable accommodation can be a barrier to workers travelling to the regions and joining the seasonal harvest – these projects help to remove that barrier.

“These projects are great examples of ideas driven by locals who have the knowledge to meet the needs of local farmers and employers.”

Member for Norther Victoria Mark Gepp said: “This funding will help farm businesses provide the accommodation, transport and support services that contribute to a safe workplace.”

The grants have been made under the State Government’s $6 million Seasonal Workforce Accommodation Program.

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