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Satisfaction up, says survey

LODDON residents have given the shire an improved rating in the latest satisfaction survey released on Tuesday.

The shire’s overall rating has lifted two points to 63, above the state and small council averages.

Individual assessment areas saw the council also improve on 2020 or be within one of the previous customer rating.

The survey reported that Loddon was performing significantly higher for community decisions, waste management and lobbying when compared with other parts of Victoria.

It also rated highly for management of unsealed roads.

Two areas where council was marked down against state and small rural councils were sealed roads and local streets and footpaths.

The Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey, conducted by JWS Research, collected responses from 400 residents in Loddon on a range of council services.

With a score of 74, council’s customer service also rated above the state average (70) and the average for small rural councils (69).

Waste management scored 73, compared with 69 in 2020.

Other top-performing areas according to residents are appearance of public areas (75), recreational facilities (71), emergency and disaster management (70) and elderly support services (70).

Mayor Neil Beattie said that at 61, council’s community decisions also rated higher than the state and small rural council

average of 56.

“While improving on last year’s ratings, the survey also revealed that residents perceive more work needs to be done to improve the condition of our roads,” he said. “This includes sealed roads (50, up from 47) and unsealed roads (48, up from 44).”

Cr Beattie said. “Having mentioned satisfaction with the sealed roads network, it should be noted that the majority of traffic within the shire travel on state roads not council roads,

“That said, council is continually striving to ensure more work is done on our roads,” Cr Beattie said.

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