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Roos activists fire at council

KANGAROO activitists this afternoon criticised Loddon councillors over comments during debate on the pet meat processing permit application at yesterday's meeting.

In a media release issued after this week's Loddon Herald had gone to print, activists said the Victorian Kangaroo Alliance and the Animal Justice Party ran a campaign where 1263 emails were sent to the Loddon Shire tourism team pledging to actively boycott Inglewood if the facility went ahead.

VKA secretary, Glynn Jarrett, said: “whilst the outcome is a win for kangaroos and Loddon Shire overall, it was extremely disappointing to hear the Councillors complain about having to reject the application. The two letters of support were buried under an avalanche of people asking that the facility not be approved, and good governance at the council level is about listening to your community and not sticking to archaic practices that go back to


“Councils need to be bold and creative, but above all else they must be kind as we move

away from our cruel past where we killed anything for a few dollars," he said.

The majority of letters and petition signatures came from areas of Australia, and internationally, outside the Loddon.

Shire councillors said their decision to reject the permit application was a reluctant one and due to a technicality under the planning scheme.

The Loddon Herald continues to follow this story.

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