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Room to grow

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

By Howard Rochester

INGLEWOOD is growing at a rate not seen since the great gold rushes.

It’s very hard to get a block of land or a house in town, the town needs a housing estate, we have the infrastructure to house up to 10,000 people.

We have a hospital, schools, banks and unused land minutes from the shopping centre.

We also need a main street make over to encourage new businesses and to support existing business some of which have been battling, like the Royal Hotel saga,

It’s been dragging on far too long. The owners have been made to make it safe - hopefully we can still have a verandah!

The electric car charger was something badly needed in the town but why were the town hall gardens chosen for the location eroding our precious green spaces? It’s been very busy and won’t be long until others are needed to be installed in the gardens as well.

Better locations might have been the IGA carpark or at the disused Shell service station, both in the business district allowing people to shop while recharging.

A couple of interesting characters with strong Inglewood connections have been unearthed by researchers during the recent lockdowns, both with national conections.

There’s Charlie Piercey, an Inglewood boy who became a professional bike rider living in America.

Charlie was a champion cyclist in Victoria winning many races, including the Melbourne to Warnabool road race and being part of the first Australian team to compete in the Tour de France.

Charlie never returned to Inglewood but did keep in touch with his Inglewood family, all who are buried in the cemetery.

Also buried in the Inglewood cemetery is an Eliza Paterson whose grand-daughter was married to a Thomas Bulch, conductor of the Melbourne GPO band and a composer of many tunes for brass bands.

He dedicated a Scottish jig called Craigielee march to Eliza Paterson.

This was the tune Christina Macpherson heard at the Warnabool races and took to Queensland where Banjo Patterson put the words of Waltzing Matilda to the tune.

Eliza Paterson’s unmarked grave has now been found and tidied up, giving Inglewood perhaps a one per cent part in the story of our National Song.

* Howard Rochester is an Inglewood resident

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