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COVID VACCINATION eligibility has been extended to Loddon residents aged over 16.

And from September 13, eligibility will include people aged between 12 and 15.

The vaccine rollout expansion comes as the Federal Government at the weekend released local government figures.

Almost 63 per cent of eligible Loddon residents have had one dose of the vaccine, 35.8 per cent of locals have had the two doses.

Many local youth have already booked in for their vaccine.

Holly Winslett, 18, had her first shot of Pfizer in Wedderburn last week.

Holly works at the local supermarket and has noticed right through lockdowns the number of people that had escaped the city was growing, and there was a small but present risk of catching the virus.

“I got the vaccine to avoid difficult situations in the future with the mandatory-vaccinations, but I also got it because it protects me from COVID and all that ‘fun-stuff’,” she said.

“It also protects the more vulnerable like the sick and elderly, for me it is a win-win.”

Local youngsters are obtaining a lot of information about the vaccine from mainstream media and through word of mouth in their respective towns.

Both Holly and Gerard Dehne, 20, remarked: “The information I know mostly come from people around the town.”

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