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Road safety tops survey

SPEEDING and impaired driving, theft and people affected by drugs have been identified as top concerns in the Victoria Police community sentiment survey.

Inspector Donna Mitchell said 95 people in the Goldfields service area, including Loddon, had responded to the survey.

Online safety was featured with scams or phishing being reporting by nearly 20 per cent of respondents.

“I will take these findings to our local safety committee to discuss what proactive measures can be incorporated into our local safety planning to enhance community safety,” Inspector Mitchell said.

The survey was conducted in April and May.

POLICE have reported a spike in fuel syphoning over the last three months.

They said that among incidents had been diesel being syphoned from large machinery parked overnight at construction sites. “As fuel prices rise, this type of offending may become more prevalent,” police said.

Police have urged people to make sure their vehicles are locked, fuel caps locked and garages are locked.

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