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Ripe for picking

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

IDEAL summer weather has aided growth of local tomato, corn and soya beans crops ahead of harvest.

Sawers Farms horticultural manager Hamish Lanyon said warm days and cool nights had been producing good growing weather.

“For summer cropping, we don’t really want rain as it brings on disease for tomatoes and soya beans,” he said.

“The conditions we have experienced this season have also made it easier to control summer weeds.”

About 330 hectares of the farm has been given over to soya beans being grown in

either sub-surface drip irrigation or pontoon flood systems.

Harvesting of soya beans, just the second season of the crop at Sawers Farms, will start in April, preceded by taking off corn sown on 230 hectares.

The red tomato harvest is also due to start next month, 52 hectares planted to produce fruit for processing in Echuca. “The soya beans overall are looking better than our first year ... a lot better than we had perhaps expected ... and the corn crop is looking sensational,” Hamish said.

He is confident the farm will have recruited enough workers before picking of the soya bean and corn crops starts.

“We’ve been active looking for workers with skills in tractor driving, qualified or experienced people with machinery and in row cropping,” Hamish said.

“It can be hard to get workers but we have been actively looking for people.”

Picking of the tomato crop is contracted and Hamish is confident there will be no delays to that part of the harvest.

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