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Rhianon's journey - Part 1

This week's Loddon Herald begins a special two-part interview with Rhianon Gelsomino, the Loddon local now at the top of the world rally circuit.

LH: Since arriving in the US, you have made a mark on the rally circuit that fills everyone back home with pride. What are your favourite moments competing on the race circuits of North America?

Rhianon: I have a few favourite or stand out moments from my time rallying in USA. My first rally in USA was in 2013 with my brother Brendan Reeves. We had just come out of two years rallying in the junior world championship and had a great amount of experience under our belts in 2WD cars.

We were approached to come to USA to do five rounds of the championship with the support of Ford USA, with the aim of winning five out of five rounds. We missed the first two rallies, as it was a seven- round championship, but still went on to win all five rallies in the 2WD class and win the championship.

For a brother and sister from Wedderburn, to come to USA and win in a championship which we had never raced in before, was a great feeling.

This was the start of many great opportunities for me in USA. Since this time most of my rallying has been based here, working with many drivers, in a variety of cars.

Another highlight was in 2017 when I co-drove for Ryan Millen in the Toyota USA sponsored RAV4 for the full season. We also won the 2WD championship like Brendan and I had done in 2013.

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