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Remove fire hazards

LODDON property owners who fail to remove fire risks face an $1817 fine.

While the shire council last month said 322 fire prevention hazard notices had been issued, some are yet to comply with the notices.

But council says that “due to privacy, council will not be releasing specific numbers regarding the amount of properties requiring follow-up works to remove fire hazards”.

In a statement, council said: “We encourage property owners who have received a fire prevention notice and who may be having difficulty removing the fire hazard to please make contact with council”.

“If the hazard is not removed, council will organise for a contractor to enter the premises and remove the fire hazard. If this is to occur, it will be completed at the landowner’s cost, plus a $110 administrative cost.

“Under the Country Fire Act 1958, a $1817 infringement notice may also be issued to the landowner for failure to comply with a fire prevention notice.

“Council would like to thank property owners who have complied with fire prevention notices and eliminated fire hazards,” the council said.

Fire restrictions now apply in all parts of the Loddon Shire and adjoining municipalities.

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