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Redbacks firm for flag

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

WEDDERBURN have locked in North Central A Grade netball

flag favouritsm.

The Redbacks broke away from Boort after quarter time on Saturday in their Loddon Derby match.

When the ladder leaders clashed coming out of Lockdown 4.0 in June, the Redbacks finished three goals up. The resumption of play last weekend after Lockdown 5.0 saw the Pies go down by seven goals.

Redbacks’ coach Meg Lockhart said: “It was a good game ... tough all the way.”

“We both kept persisting and we’re with no doubt that there’ll be very close games again when we meet in the finals,” Meg said.

Maddison Postle and Courtney Gleeson were among key players for the Redbacks along with Olivia Lockhart at wing defence who was vital in achieving strong turnovers.

Boort had goal scorer Steph Haw as a key focus of their game, keeping the Pies in touch with constant passes.

After an even first quarter, the Redbacks moved five ahead by half-time and extended their lead to 14 goals at the final break.

The tenacity of Boort was to the fore in a high-pressure final quarter when they cut the scoreboard difference.

For the Redbacks, firmly installed now as flag favourites with two rounds before finals, Meg says: “It’s not going to be easy. We have to keep persisting.”

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