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Rain lifts allocation

THE Loddon system’s seasonal determin-ation has been increased to 59 per cent, Northern Victoria resource manager Mark Bailey announced on Monday.

The lift takes the Loddon’s allocation from 37 per cent to 59 per cent of high-reliability water shares.

Dr Bailey said rainfall on wet catchments led to the increases.

“The catchments in all systems are wet and responding strongly to rainfall,” Dr Bailey said.

“Rain since the last assessment has increased the flow of water into the rivers and creeks across the region, adding to the volumes in the major storages and making more water available for allocation.”

Dr Bailey said the latest Bureau of Meteorology seasonal outlook favours above-average rainfall across the catchment areas for the three-month period from August to October.

“The BoM has confirmed that a negative Indian Ocean Dipole is underway, which increases the likelihood of above-average rainfall totals in south-east Australia,” he said.

Other determinations announced saw the Murray system move from 31 per cent to 46 per cent, the Goulburn from 37 per cent to 59 per cent, the Campaspe from 23 per cent to 59 per cent and the Broken from eight per cent to 67 per cent.

Dr Bailey said the volume currently committed to the Murray is 190GL, meaning trade from the Goulburn, Broken, Campaspe and Loddon systems to the Victorian Murray system, NSW and South Australia is closed

The next seasonal determination will be announced in a fortnight.

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