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Put hands up high


CHIPPING in and lending a hand are time-honoured characteristics of living in rural communities.

The contribution to society of people helping family, friends and neighbours has often been handed down through the generations in the service of enriching a community whether a town or a district.

To give it a modern descriptor, this is called volunteering. The latest Census data shows that one in four Loddon residents volunteer their time to local groups and organisations.

One may have thought the level of chipping in would have been higher. But, it must not be forgotten, many of the outlets and opportunities for community engagement and involvement virtually evaporated during the times of harsh COVID restrictions and lockdowns that coincided with the taking of the Census last August.

Many people by then had perhaps found other pursuits and activities to occupy their time, lost the momentum of life built through the decades to keep doing what until March 2020 had been normal.

As life returns to something pretty close to pre-COVID normal, however, many Loddon organisations are putting out the call for people to step forward, put up their hand and be part of making great things happen in their local communities.

It may take a year or two for people to get back into the groove of volunteering, of being involved, making a contribution.

The social fabric of our communities needs more people to rediscover the satisfaction that comes from helping others without the want of public gratification.

So, if you have an hour or two to spare in a day, week, month or year, strengthen our fabric as a volunteer.

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