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Price offers healthy

INCREASED milk price competition was putting the industry in a healthier position, according to Calivil’s Jade Clymo.

Since processors started making their 2021-2022 offers under the national Dairy Code of Conduct, at least one has made upward revised offers.

“The competition for milk is improving at the moment,” Jade said. “And it seems to be happening nice and early.

“It’s not like the old days where farmers would be making deliveries and not knowing the price. The industry is not being taken for granted.

“This is a much healthier situation and farmers will know what they are working with.

“Nothing is ever perfect but it’s certainly in a healthier state.”

The Clymos will not be affected by the current price offering, being one year into a three-year contract with Freedom Foods.

“But, naturally, I am always taking an interest in prices,” Jade said.

He said expansion of the farm late last year, including the new Entegra barn, had contributed to increased milking production of up to 23 per cent for the 1650 Fresians.

“Production keeps picking up- ... it’s the cow comfort. Instead of cows out in heat, mud and dust they are on soft and comfortable sand and only a few steps to the dairy,” he said.

Bulla was the first processor to reveal its opening price in mid-April at $6.40/kg-$6.90kg milk solids. It then revised that figure in May to $6.50/kg-$7.00/kg milk solids before a second revision last week at $6.70/kg-$7.20/kg milk solids

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