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COMMUNITY Power Hub Loddon Mallee is bringing the clean energy initiative to local communities on Friday..

Driven by Bendigo Sustainability Group, the project aims to help community groups and businesses tap into affordable solar energy.

A meeting in Wedderburn from 2pm will explain support available to connect community buildings, businesses and local facilities to the community-owned solar network.

The not-for-profit group has been working with communities on locally driven owned, clean energy solutions.

“This includes assisting groups to add solar to their facilities so they can save money on expensive power bills and contribute to the clean energy transition,” said president Colin Lambie.

“We’re passionate about this work, not only because we want to address the issue of climate change, but also to find collective solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this, we want to make sure that the solutions created are locally owned and as such benefit Loddon Mallee and its communities.”

Community Power Hub Loddon Mallee is funded by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government. “It’s all about taking that passion, knowledge and practical advice to communities across the region and assisting local groups to take up the opportunities that are available,” Mr Lambie said.

One of the presenters at next week’s Wedderburn meeting will be John McDonald.

He said: “Through our work we have found that whilst many of us understand climate change is a big issue that needs to be addressed, there’s a gap between talking about it versus making solutions relevant, practical and affordable,”

“We’re on a mission to help as many people and groups as we can to see what’s possible, navigate the complexities and find innovative ways to fund and install solar systems. All with the aim of increasing solar uptake, building by building community by community.”

The local solar push last week also saw Kooyoora Women’s Network launch a crowd funding appeal with the sustainability group to install solar on the food share van at Bridgewater.

That project will raise money to install solar panels, an inverter, cabling and trenching for the solar unit at the Platform 1 Hub at the former railway station.

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