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Power back to people


Sir, Rising household energy bills are just one of the painful financial impacts of the skyrocketing cost-of-living for regional Victorians.

While Victorian Labor is firmly sitting on its hands and refusing to offer us any relief, voting for a change in Government in November will deliver you and your family positive solutions to bring down your household bills.

On the weekend, the Victorian Nationals announced our plan for cheaper energy bills and lower emissions.

We’ll upgrade transmission lines to western Victoria, which will unlock increased opportunities for renewable development in the Wimmera and Mallee.

Our plan to give power back to the people will support installation of solar power and battery storage for one million Victorian homes with new rebates that will put up to $4400 back in Victorian’s pockets.

The good news is this rebate will double for eligible rental households.

We believe government also has to play its part.

The Nationals will lead the way by installing solar panels across public infrastructure, including schools and social housing.

Our plan will secure new gas supplies for Victoria by legislating a Local Gas Guarantee within the first six-months of government. It also includes a $1 billion Victorian Hydrogen Strategy to support the research, development and adoption of clean hydrogen technologies.

The Nationals in government will keep the lights on and prices low while our state continues to move forwards and more renewables enter the energy market.

It’s commonsense at a time when fuel, food and vegetables, power, gas and interest rates are rising – with more increases expected to come.

Only The Nationals in government will deliver a sensible plan and real solutions to build the energy system of the future – meaning more reliable, cheaper and clean power for all Victorians.

Emma Kealy

Deputy Leader of The Nationals

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