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Poppies on canvas

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

POIGNANT paintings will go on display this month in tribute to veterans.

Landscape artist Mal Gilmour mentored students in his art class in capturing on canvas the headstones of returned soldiers buried in Inglewood cemetery.

Mal said connecting every painting in the exhibition was the inclusion of a red poppy.

“Some of the headstones just demanded to be painted,” he said ahead of the class exhibition at the local RSL hall that opens on March 26.

Mal said class members had produced some fine works of art to honour those who had returned.

As a former member of the Royal Australian Navy, the theme for his students’ work has extra meaning.

Several paintings by Mal will also be included in the exhibition. Among them is “From a Vet to a Vet”, the grave of John Cardoza who was born in Inglewood and returned after World War One. He died in 1950.

Mal has been painting since 1967 and held the first of more than 30 exhibitions the following year.

Since retiring to Inglewood, he has continued to paint and teach privately.

Loddon Shire ward councillor Wendy Murphy will officially open the exhibition.

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