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Police on local beat

SIX fines and 20 warnings have been issued to motorists in the past fortnight for not stopping at a railway crossing.

Police said additional patrols had been made at the Inglewood crossing after the community raised concerns for safety in the school precinct.

The crossing patrols were among the first responses by Loddon police to its community issues register being compiled under the neighbourhood policing model they say is part of Chief Commissioner Shane Patton’s back-to-basics approach.

“We’re asking communities across the Loddon to relay their thoughts on problems to us and then we can act,” said Sgt Zac Bull.

Sgt Bull said communities could alert local police of possible issues online, by calling the police assistance service on 141 333 or if urgent, calling 000.

And he said part of the neighbourhood policing model sees police “relaying back to them about action taken”.

Sgt Sean Dickson said local police often received complaints about road safety.

“We don’t get a lot about mobile phone use ... 90 per cent of motorists caught speeding are from out of town,” he said.

“Drink driving is still a problem. There have been no high-level drink driving offences detected this year but more this year than last in the 0.05 to 0.08 range.”

The neighbourhood policing model was first rolled out in selected regions last year ensuring police actively listen to the community, understand, record and respond to safety concerns build trust, supportive relationships with community work in partnership to address safety concerns and communicate the outcomes and action taken.

With the program now being established across the Loddon, Sgt Bull said police would focus on being more visible in the community so people could discuss safety priorities and concerns.

Loddon police will also establish a local safety committee under the neighbourhood model.

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