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Plan to aid recovery


IN THE first two months of 2022 I have spent a lot of time travelling through Ripon, holding mobile offices and talking directly to locals about their lives and what they want for Victoria’s future. It has been wonderful to connect with so many local people, but it’s sad to hear how the last few years have affected many.  

 Once the fastest-growing state, Victoria has fallen behind following two years of lockdowns and decades of mismanagement, neglect, and waste. 

One thousand Victorians a week are being added to surgery waitlists, and we have the most underfunded health system in the country.  

Two years of disrupted school terms and cancelled plans have seen children’s educational and social development fall further behind.

A mental health crisis among young Victorians looms as the single greatest threat to our future. 

Daniel Andrews has now imposed forty-one new taxes and charges, including a new tax on new- build family homes in Ballarat and Bendigo, he announced last week.

Victoria is now the most expensive place to build a house, send kids to school or start a business. 

Worse still, at a time when Victorians need our government focussed on delivering for us, the State Labor Government is looking inwards, distracted by its MPs exposing severe bullying, internal corruption and misuse of taxpayers’ money. 

If one thing is clear when talking to Ripon locals, it’s that we cannot continue on this path.

We need a plan that gives families and businesses hope for a better future.  

Over the weekend, the Victorian Liberals and Nationals announced a new plan to recover, rebuild and make Victoria number one again.

Our plan lays out clearly what the Liberals and Nationals will do to help Victorians recover and rebuild after the pandemic. It isn’t just about big announcements in Melbourne; it’s about rebuilding the whole state and helping regional communities recover. 

We will ensure no more lockdowns. We will slash hospital waiting lists and fix Victoria’s healthcare and mental health crisis.

We will keep schools open. We will keep the cost of living down and support businesses to recover and employ more Victorians. Our plan will fix the problems holding us back and give Victorians the certainty and security to recover and rebuild.  

You can read more about it on my website www.louisestaley.com.au and while you are there, fill in a survey to let me know what you want Victoria’s future to look like.  

The last few years have been tough. Our plan will fix the problems holding us back and give Victorians the certainty and security to recover and rebuild.

* Louise Staley is the member for Ripon.

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