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Plan seals victory

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

BOORT has been left to ponder lifting their game plan after going down to Wedderburn in football’s Loddon Derby on Saturday.

The Pies were ultra-competitive in the first quarter and started with momentum in the second before the home side took control.

It was not that the Pies weren’t in the game - often getting the first use of the ball - but they failed to back up and look for second and third opportunities.

Brilliant play by Tom Campbell up forward had kept the Redbacks in touch during the well-contested first term.

Campbell would continue to bob up all day, finish with three majors and be among the Redbacks’ best in a side with a good plan. The Pies were troubled by Jordan Rosegren and no matter the match up, could not curb his dominance around the ground,

Both sides saw their defenders pushed and worked overtime in the second quarter although Pies’ coach Andrew Hawker told players they had become too reactive. With COVID restrictions in force, the Pies spent their half-time break on the ground.

The momentum of the Redbacks kept building, kicking seven goals to two in the second half, including a final dollop on the cake from Campbell at the three-quarter time siren.

The Redbacks also benefitted from several goals after free kicks near the sticks, The Pies, while not in command on the scoreboard, had glimpses of what may come.

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