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PHARMACIST Daniel Snyder has received his first supplies of COVID-19 vaccines in the national push to protect people from COVID-19.

His Boort pharmacy last week started administering AstraZeneca and expects its first supplies of Moderna later this month.

More than 1200 community pharmacies from regional, rural and remote areas are part of the Federal Government program through the National COVID Vaccine Taskforce.

Vaccine eligibility continues to be expanded with AstraZeneca now being offered to people aged 18 and over.

Places have also been made available to every Year 12 and Year 11 student doing VCE to be vaccinated by September 19, the Victorian Government has announced. Moderna vaccine had been approved for adults 18 and over and the Therapeutic Goods Administration has now extended that approval down to teenagers.

Mr Snyder said Moderna used technology to induce immunitym, similar to Pfizer.

“After six months, it is proving to be 93 per cent efficacious against infection, 98 per cent against severe disease and 100 per cent against death and that’s really exciting,” he said.

`”The recommended dose interval is between four and six weeks with an absolute minimum of 14 days.

“We also have real time integration with the Australian Immunisation Register to streamline workflow and recording of vaccines given locally,” he said.

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