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Pet food plan for town

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

UP TO 10 new jobs could be created within months if plans for a pet meat processing plant at Inglewood are approved.

Campaspe Meat Company wants to process 1000 kangaroos a week at the Tarnagulla road abattoirs, unused for six years.

Director Loc Rivett said processing capacity could increase to 2000 roos - creating a further 10 jobs - with an increased presence in the Victorian and South Australian roo harvest supply markets.

Mr Rivett said if all permits and approvals were received from Loddon Shire Council, Environment Protection Authority and PrimeSafe, processing would start in Inglewood within six weeks.

“We just have a little more maintenance to do at the Inglewood site we purchased two years ago,” he said.

“Inglewood has a good set up for processing kangaroos - there are two big chillers - and the hanging requirements for lambs and kangaroo is similar. So we can make the change from what it was used for to what we are seeking permission to do.”

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